Want labels printed and sent?

Running a startup, building marketing technology, I have very little time left for family, shooting, hunting and fun personal projects like turretlabels.com.

Until now I've had to say no to people asking if I could print and send labels.

I have 2 sons though, and they certainly could use some pocket money for ammo. Therefore I've decided to give it a try.

As an experiment - I don't know for how long, it depends on interest and how it goes, I (my sons) will offer to print and send labels. If it is a success, and customers are happy, I'll make the ordering process easier and automate a lot of stuff. I might even be able to remove the annoying ads on the site (Relevant sponsors are welcome - hint)

DKK 100 (around 15$) for 7 "fullsize" labels (windage and elevation types). You could swap out 1 fullsize label for every 2 smaller ones.

Labels are printed in high resoulution on quality self adhesive vinyl.
After printing the labels are coated to make them water/weather resistant.

Shipping costs will be added, according to method (Post, Courier..) and destination.

2 days a week, labels will be shipped: Mondays and Thursdays.

There is probably a lot to optimize in the process, but I'll figure along the way.

If you're interested send me an email and we'll take it from there. Please provide the id's (in the url of the label builder) of the labels you want to have printed and how many of each.
I'll do my best to answer asap, but please have in mind, since I'm living in Scandinavia, I might live in another time zone.

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